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The Art of Preforming Modal Magic

Magic 105b: Text

The Art of Subtractive

Modal Magic

Users of the Subtractive method sculpt magic by removing harmonics from their innate frequencies, allowing for refined control but risking diminished overall magical potency.

The Art of Additive

Modal Magic

Users of the Additive method amplify specific innate magical harmonics, enabling intricate spell layering but demanding precision to avoid overwhelming themselves with complexity.

The Art of Frequency Modulation (FM) Modal Magic

Users of the Frequency Modulation method can create dynamic and evolving magical effects by modulating their innate modal frequency with another (usually external) source. However, mastering this method requires finesse to avoid chaotic outcomes.

The Art of Wavetable

(Vector) Modal Magic

Users of the Wavetable method shape magic by blending predefined magical 'waveforms,' granting adaptability but necessitating a keen understanding of the combined effects.

The Art of Phase Distortion

Modal Magic

Users of the Phase Distortion method manipulate the phase of their innate frequencies, enabling unique and unpredictable effects yet risking instability and potential backlash.

The Art of Physical Modeling

(PM) Modal Magic

Users of the Physical Modeling method simulate magical entities or phenomena, granting versatility, but the complexity of mimicking magical interactions demands a high level of skill and concentration.

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